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Welcome to 
Promoting exemplary operating practices and betterment to the 11 meter DX  hobby !

       The disclaimer thing !

        You are encouraged to operate your radio equipment in compliance with  your national, regional or local rules, regulations and laws regarding radio transmissions from the private sector.

         This site is informational only for those visitors seeking a better understanding of the activities and radio traffic that occurs worldwide on mostly unallocated frequencies surrounding the Citizens Radio Service of the USA .

           Since activity on these frequencies is legal in other countries, this site will serve as a source of 11 meter education of good operating practices for these operators outside of USA.

                    This site's owner will in no way be held responsible for any consequences imposed upon a radio operator as a result of activities implemented based on information provided by this site.

Freeband Academy 11DX is my contribution to the 11 meter international DXing community. It is presented here as a tutorial effort to facilitate a movement, by and for 11DX participants, toward a perceivable betterment of the 11 meter DX hobby. We can certainly better anticipate a higher quality operator by encouraging courteous and " professional " operation at all times on the 11 meter band.

       While references to the operations within the USA is mentioned throughout the site, information presented is just as applicable to you, regardless of what country you are in. Remember .... compliance (to established procedures) and courtesy are universal in application.

            I certainly don't claim to know it all, so for the sake of accuracy in education, I welcome input from experienced DX operators who may have additional information, corrections or suggestions to further enhance the concept of this site and the accuracy of the information presented.

If you have any particular questions, comments or suggestions regarding content of this site or just have questions about the 11 meter DX hobby itself, please submit them on the mail form to the lower right and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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       Dec 8, 2013

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        In the interest of promoting fun times, goodwill, good operating practices and great results within the unwieldy radio environment known as the 11 meter freeband, Freeband Academy 11DX is proud to present this continuously growing collection of " how to " operating tips and procedural information to assist YOU in honing your 11 meter international DXing skills to exemplary levels !

         By providing these guidelines, new AND experienced operators alike, just might develop and/or improve the quality of performance on the 11 meter freeband. There are many great sites on the web devoted to 11 meters, yet few seem to have addressed these informational needs.
(New - Dec 14, 2013)  
Please take a few minutes to participate in our poll regarding antenna systems used by 11 meter DXers.

While not all inclusive of the many variables in antenna designs and utilization, the poll includes the designs that are most prominent in use today for base station operations. Thanks for your input !
For your 11 meter DX activities, what is your base station antenna configuration ? Click all that apply. free polls